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No. 761, Chongfu Avenue, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province
Contact: Manager Li
Phone: 0573-88623081

  The company has always attached great importance to the investment in technology research and development and the improvement of independent innovation capabilities. In 2006, the company established the first domestic research and development center for environmentally friendly plasticizers. A number of products have been selected into the Zhejiang Province new product trial production plan. Renewal and development of new products are always at the forefront of the industry. Our company's research center is a comprehensive research institution focusing on application development research and engineering design. The main professional technical fields include: oil processing, research and development of new non-toxic environmentally friendly plasticizers such as stabilizers, research on various new types of additives, Treatment of sewage.
  The company has established a scientific research and development system and mature talent training mechanism to ensure the continuous enhancement of technological innovation capabilities and promote the continuous improvement of the company's core competitiveness. The company has set up a technical committee composed of internal core technical personnel, experts from domestic universities and research institutes, experts from industry associations, and experts from foreign industries. It is responsible for formulating the target direction of technical innovation based on internal and external factors of the company, and guiding them. Inspection and supervision. The R & D innovation system guided by the technical committee and the backbone of its own R & D team organically combines R & D, small trials, test sales, feedback and other links to achieve a virtuous circle and positive interaction between R & D and production and operation. The R & D Center has formulated various systems such as the "Research and Development Expenses Management System", "Research and Development Staff Performance Evaluation Reward System", "Product Design and Development Control Procedures", and "Research and Development Project Management Measures" and other systems to maximize the On the basis of mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, establish a sound company R & D expense accounting management system, product development system, etc., standardize scientific research expense accounting, and ensure dedicated funds.
  After years of continuous efforts, the R & D center has become an independent scientific research institution. Through the innovation of mechanism and system, the research center has gradually been built into a research center integrating product development, achievement conversion, technical services, information and talent training. , It is also a well-known scientific research institution in the research and development of domestic plasticizer products. Up to now, the company has authorized 7 national invention patents and 3 utility model patents. The company's project has been awarded the "First Prize of Technology Invention Award by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation" and has been awarded by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. The Ministry of Science and Technology awarded projects such as the National Torch Program.