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Talent Concept
No. 761 Chongfu Avenue, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province
Contact: Manager Li
Phone: 0573-88623098

  The company implements the principle of “use as the basis”, establishes and improves various talent selection systems, expands the scope of outstanding talent selection, allocates the right talents to the right positions, and strives to achieve “the best use of talents and the best use of people”. Focus on optimizing the allocation of internal talents and coordinating the allocation of key talents for key projects. Multi-channel selection and introduction of talents, vigorously promote the internationalization of talents and localization of employment. The company has infinite and broad development space. As a leader in the plasticizer industry, it is striding forward in the direction of internationalization. We want to merge with all like-minded talents to bring together a huge force, in order to promote our green environmental protection industry, for the blue sky and white clouds of future generations, and for the realization of the national industry aspirations to strengthen the country, contribute our common strength.

  The company adheres to people-oriented, focusing on the common development of the company and employees, and actively advocates the concept of "training is an efficient investment", the concept of "service center, applying what they have learned" and the concept of "continuous innovation and quality first". The employees' career development planning is closely integrated, and employee training and development are integrated into the corporate development planning to coordinate and advance, comprehensively strengthening various types of employee training, and realizing the preservation and appreciation of human capital.   The company can provide an excellent development platform for the growth of talents: we have spacious and bright learning and training centers; we have established incentive mechanisms for the healthy and positive development of talents; we have a comprehensive human resource management system for international development; we There are more opportunities for talents to go abroad for further studies; our company has a beautiful vision to allow talents to thrive in a brilliant career; of course, more importantly, we have the biggest wealth of Jiaao Company --- Director Shen Jian The corporate culture created by the growth of the core is like a soul that keeps Jiajiao forever young; like fertile soil, it gives our knowledge and ideals a power to move forward.
  Every Jiaao person has his own dream, and this dream must be combined with Jiaao's big goal of creating a world famous brand. There is no best, only better, our excellent team is even better because of your joining. We look forward to your attention, Jiaao looks forward to your joining.